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It starts with an episode, but it ends with a lot more... Stay tuned!   

4 Riders - Intro
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Intro to 4 Riders animated short film

4 Riders animated film is created by animator and illustrator - Matthew Ducharme.


Everything - from original story to final animation:  story, script, direction, characters, props, background, storyboarding, voice actor direction, keyframes, animatics, twining, coloring, sound effects, editing, final rendering...

Film is made in 2D animation style.  Tools: Adobe Animate, After Effects



America, 1865.  While the Civil War still rages, a far greater threat grows.  The four horsemen from legend appear in different parts of the country, and begin their long trek to a common goal. If the beasts all come together, the end of the world begins.  A soldier falls on the battlefield, but with divine aid, is resurrected to fight for humanity.  John Lawson strikes out West, gathering companions and having many adventures.  Will he be able to stop the 4 Riders?

4 Riders


We all have memories of classic animated films like 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin, Looney Toons, etc. However, most modern studios have largely ditched this style of animation in favor of computer generated imagery (CGI), or live-action remakes. We believe there’s still a place for traditional hand- drawn animation. We also don’t believe that animation should be made only for children. This visually rich medium should be able to tell any story, for any audience.


4 Riders is written as a full length feature film with run time of 150 minutes. With complete funding, the project would begin full production starting in 2021 to be completed by 2023.

The film can be also broken up into smaller 7 - 10 minute “episodes”. Each episode will be released when finished, with backers getting early access. At the end, all episodes will be connected together to create a complete, final feature length film.



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